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Amanda Real Brave Audio
Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton holds a Bachelors of Music in Music Education/Performance from William Paterson University as well as credits towards a Masters in Music Education. She has been a vocal music director in the Verona Public Schools for more than 20 years, mainly working with the middle school and high school levels.

She has taught in the summer music program, served as the musical director for many of the middle school musicals, directed the high school vocal ensembles, accompanied the elementary choirs, has had many students accepted into the North Jersey Region and All State Chorus, and has taught many piano and voice students. She is looking forward to working with students at Real Brave to achieve their musical goals.

Amy Real Brave Audio
Amy Jisun Ahn

Amy Jisun Ahn started studying piano at six and grew up singing in various church choirs. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in law and music theory, as well as two Master’s from Queens College and the Graduate Center in music composition. Her chamber and orchestral compositions have been performed by Cygnus, the InterComteporary Ensemble (ICE) and the Second Instrumental Group, among others.

She has performed in a variety of concerts, ensembles in musical venues in New York City as a classical, jazz, theatre, pop pianist and vocalist while working as a professional accompanist and arranger. She loves to perform in a variety of genres and to improvise with other instrumentalists in jam sessions.

She focuses on her students’ favorite music and helps them build their own repertoires so they can learn to freely express themselves with passion and joy. She regards her job as instructor to be a guide on the students’ own musical journey.

Chris Real Brave Audio
Chris Astarita
Guitar, Bass, Beginner Woodwinds, Brass

Chris Astarita knew from the first stinging F (add9) chords of the Beatles “Getting Better” that THIS is what he wanted to do. That was 40 years ago. Since then he majored in classical guitar and graduated from Rowan University with a BA in music education with honors. Moved on to teach music for 12 years in the public schools. Being both a Choral and Band director allowed him to hone his teaching, musicianship and leadership skills. Simultaneously, learning right along the children he taught over years has resulted in his ability to play just about any instrument you can think of. Including, (but not limited to): Guitar, piano, bass, drums, strings, brass, woodwinds even harmonica when given the chance. All the while performing in many bands through out the tri-state area. Some notable: Danny and the Jr.s, Temptations, Jam Straight and he is a founding member of Shaved Ham.
All this time, Chris had taught privately as well. One mantra has always rang true for him when it came to teaching any student : “If I can do it, YOU can do it to, let me show you how” -Julia Childs.
He tailors his lessons to each individual student. So, in addition to providing a standard course and time tested procedures for the student to follow, he interviews each student to see what their own musical motivations are and what goals they are personally trying to achieve and focuses the lessons on what skills they will need to achieve them. All the while keeping the lessons fun, chock full of laughter, student centered and engaging.
Chris has dedicating his life to learning and teaching music, it continues to be his passion and it’ still “getting better.” It has provided a livelihood and a lifetime of challenge, interest and enjoyment and he is always grateful for the opportunity. He invites you now to join us here at Real Brave and reach your own musical potential.

George Real Brave Audio
George Schaefer

Lisa Real Brave Audio
Lisa Bremer
Vocals, beginner piano

Lisa has always known she will have a life filled with music. It started with the church choir and from there her love has grown more and more. Since then, Lisa has learned to love all types of music. Lisa has experience in classical, pop, and musical theater.

Lisa goes to William Paterson University studying Music Management with a classical voice concentration. With every voice lesson she has with her coach, she wishes she had this opportunity when she was younger.

Lisa is excited to be a part of the Real Brave team. She wants to help any student keep their passion of music by learning more and more about the art. She is willing to help any student find their inner artist.

Joey Real Brave Audio
Joey Hochgesang
Bass, guitar, violin, viola, cello, piano (beginner)

Joe Rizzolo
Drums, Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, beginner piano

James Real Brave Audio
James Sattler
Guitar, Piano (beg- int), violin (all levels), Ukelele, Viola

My name is James Sattler. I am a Multi-instrumentalist musician who has performed in a number of bands ranging in various styles from Bluegrass or Electric Jam/Funk all the way to a Classical string quartet. I have played the Violin for eight years and have studied with teachers such as Martin Hayes at the University of Limerick, Ireland for Celtic fiddling and Kathleen Butler of William Paterson University for Classical Violin. After years of performing, teaching has become a huge passion of mine and I thoroughly enjoy passing my knowledge of music to others. I teach Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Ukulele, Guitar and Piano and am currently working towards a degree in music with an emphasis on Classical Violin and Guitar at William Paterson University.

Lindsey Real Brave Audio
Lindsey Wormald
Woodwinds, Piano Vocals

Lindsey Wormald is a clarinetist, pianist, and vocalist from Northern New Jersey. She is completing her Music Education degree at William Paterson University and will be graduating in May 2018. Throughout her time at William Paterson, she has maintained her role as the principal player for the clarinet studio in addition to having the pleasure of studying with Andrew Lamy, the assistant principal clarinetist for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Her love for music began when she started with piano lessons at the age of six. Since then, she has fallen in love with clarinet, and also become proficient in other woodwind instruments such as saxophone, oboe, and flute. Lindsey is also an accomplished vocalist and will be touring Europe in March 2018 with the William Paterson Chamber Singers. The choir will be traveling to Salzburg, Vienna, Venice, and Rome.

Lindsey has been teaching students since she was in high school and has always been incredibly interested in accommodating all learning needs and styles. She focuses on creating engaging lessons for her students that will allow them to thrive in their own unique ways, and aims to instill in students knowledge that they can apply to other subjects and situations outside of the practice room. Her experience with music from an early age has informed her life, and she hopes to share her passions with her future students.

Sofia Real Brave Audio
Sofiya Vorobets

Born in Ukraine and raised by a family of musicians, Sofiya Vorobets received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Teaching (piano, music theory) at Carpathian University, Ukraine. Since moving to the United States in 2002, Sofiya completed Graduate Endorsement Program in Special Education at William Paterson University and holds CEAS in Teaching Students With Disabilities.

Sofiya's first classroom teaching experience was as a teacher of music at a local music school in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, where she worked for six years. During that period, she taught children of different age groups, specializing in music literature, solfege and piano.

Current member of UMI (Ukrainian Music Institute of America), Sofiya works part time as a private piano instructor and uses both European and American methods teaching her students, with strong emphasis on sight-reading. Passionate about music, Sofiya offers individualized support and provide positive encouragement to ensure that each student succeeds.

Kevin Real Brave Audio
Kevin Bagar

Kevin Bagar is a Bergen County native who has played music for his entire life. He holds an Associate’s degree in general music from Bergen Community College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Music Studies from William Paterson University with plans to continue towards a Master’s in Arts and Teaching. Music has always been his first passion, with education as a close second.

Kevin is a multi-instrumentalist with years of experience teaching composing and performing in various styles including classical, jazz, blues, rock, funk, latin, and bluegrass. While the guitar is his forte, he is also proficient on bass, piano, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, saxophone, and flute.

Having given private lessons since he was in high school, Kevin is excited to be a part of the Real Brave Audio team to help guide the next generation of musicians.

Beth Real Brave Audio
Beth May Seldin

Dylan Real Brave Audio
Dylan Defeo

Jerod Real Brave Audio
Jerod Emrit

Marc Real Brave Audio
Marc Seldin

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