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If you’re interested in music but don’t know where to start, why not try the acoustic bass? Private music instruction is a great way to work your way into the musical world, and the acoustic bass is the kind of instrument that requires very little equipment and only a single instructor to learn. We offer this helpful practice in beginner acoustic bass lessons at affordable rates for aspiring students of music and musicians looking to get back into the craft.

Acoustic bass lessons for beginners are the way to get into this noble instrument, for a beginner or a seasoned musician looking to try out something new. We don’t discriminate as far as students go: we take everyone who needs teaching! We believe that music should be a gift shared by everyone willing to learn it, and so we are happy to provide upright bass lessons at a fraction of the cost of other musical education providers. Private acoustic bass lessons are the easiest way to get started playing the acoustic base and the best way to master this fun and unconventional bass option.

Your acoustic bass teacher will be happy to explain the basics of music theory to you as well as the complex nuances of playing the string bass. This instrument has its own fun and unique play style, totally unlike the electric bass or acoustic guitar. We promise you will enjoy every moment of bringing this instrument around to a competent playable tool in your hands. Call us up to get started on your own private acoustic lessons and learn how to play acoustic bass today!

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