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Drum Set Lessons

With Real Brave’s drum set lessons for beginners, you will learn the fundamental techniques required for success on the drums. Through our program, you will improve your understanding of music theory with hands on lessons paired with instruction from an experienced drum teacher, offering everyone the chance to learn how to play the drum set.

Topics covered in our learning program include:

  • How to read percussion notation
  • Practice exercises to increase your improvement
  • Counting off beats for a song
  • Proper posture and stick grips for classical, jazz and rock drumming
  • All important drum related terms

A drum set is a unique instrument and one perfect for kids of almost all ages. In a band, the drummer plays a vital role, establishing the meter and groove of a song, while occasionally adding spice and variety to the musical piece with signature fills or solos. Learning the instrument can also help improve the students coordination skills, as playing a drum kit requires both hands and feet to be in sync.

Real Brave’s drum lessons combine weekly private music instruction with concert and recording participation, providing a learning program that is both fun and effective. We teach the basics of the instruments, as well as how to use our practice sheets, learning statements, standards and studio technology.

Our method is the product of over 25 years in music education and exploration. Through our collective experience from our music teachers, we have crafted drum set lessons for beginners that not only engage students but also lead to learning other percussion instruments such as electronic drums or acoustic 5 piece drum set.

We offer flexible scheduling options, along with free parking, to make it easier for everyone to receive the lessons they want. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn about our available discounts.


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