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If you have ever been moved by the rousing sound of an electric guitar, then you know what kind of power this instrument can hold. The muscular rhythms and searing riffs of an electric guitar can take any song to another stratosphere.

Electric guitars are guitars with bite. Although the structural premise of any of these instruments is essentially the same, nothing growls and riffs quite like an axe on fire. At Real Brave Audio, we have a deep appreciation for all things musical, especially rock, jazz and blues. So, when it is time to rock and riff, we are right there with you! Actually, we are more than with you — we are here to help show you the way.

Real Brave Audio offers electric guitar instruction for anyone in Queens and beyond. Many students that come seeking an electric guitar lesson already have some grounding in playing acoustic guitar, but want to learn how to translate that to an electric level. We can teach you how to do that and then some. Electric guitars are diverse instruments because it’s satisfying sound is found in virtually every type of music. By offering tandem blues guitar lessons and jazz guitar lessons, two musical strongholds where the electric guitar teachers reign supreme, you can learn electric guitar skills that bridge any musical gap.

Real Brave Audio has the perfect forum for learning from music teachers. We have electric guitar lessons for beginners and even private music instruction for additional practice. You can improve your technique and broaden your music theory, which we also teach. At Real Brave, an electric guitar teacher is more than just an instructor showing children and adults how to play electric guitar. We are also your rapt audience and loyal fans.

If you are ready to make an electric guitar sing, contact us at Real Brave. Soulful riffs await you!


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