Real Brave Concerts

Real Brave offers two concerts a year!

We take you from the studio to the stage and the stage is where key learning is done.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to perform on stage? Did you know that stage performances could actually enhance musicianship? Performing is a part of learning. That is why in addition to providing private music lessons we also encourage music performances. Teaching students of all ages to reach their full potential is our mission and we pursue that goal by giving students their due on a full stage.

Twice a year, we hold student music concerts that allow our learners to shine brightly and demonstrate their wonderful skills. We are proud of their progress. However, we are even prouder of our students. At Real Brave, our goal is to help turn you into the best musician that you can possibly become.

Our curriculum is geared toward comprehensive music instruction that includes the concept of ‘immersion’. Immersion is the process of complete absorption, a proverbial baptism into everything that music entails. Student music concerts are a great way to delve deep into the craft, improving musical skills and encouraging confidence along the way.

Our student biannual student concerts are true highlights for us at Real Brave. It is fantastic to pay homage to the hard work our students complete to become consummate musicians. When you put in the effort, do we because we believe in the mission. This all comes to beautiful fruition on stage.

It is our honor to behold our students’ performances — and it would be an honor for you to join us! Become part of the Real Brave family and find out how concert performances can bring out your ultimate musicianship.

Our Fall Concert will take place on Sunday,

December 11, 2016 in the Little Theatre at St. John’s

University! Fill out the Sign Up form and email it to us at!

Form: Fall 2016 Sign Up Sheet

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Practice Pad Software
  • Concerts Twice a Year
  • Family & Attendance Discounts