Premiere Music Teachers in Queens, NY, and Oakland, NJ

If you’re looking for the best place in town for music lessons for yourself or your children, there is no better place than Real Brave Audio. Our shop consists of dozens of talented instructors that all specialize in their respective instruments. With decades of experience playing music, our teachers have the knowledge and expertise it takes to teach people how to play music in a way that is easy and fun . The instructors here have dedicated their lives to music and live to share the incredible experiences that come with playing an instrument. With experience in all music genres, we can teach both kids and adults to play the type of music that speaks to them. At Real Brave Audio, our goal is to give the beautiful gift of music to anyone who seeks it. Though learning an instrument is a great challenge, we have developed teaching techniques that make it easy for beginners to start feeling comfortable with their instrument of choice. Whether you’re looking for a skilled, classical piano teacher or a funky jazz saxophone teacher, we have all the musical talent you’ll need for success as a music student.

Experienced and esteemed instructors

Every music teacher at Real Brave Audio has dedicated his or her life to learning and playing music. With a burning passion for music, most of our instructors have been pursuing music since grade school. For decades, the instructors here have been committing their time and focus on mastering instruments, giving them the ability to play and teach music at the highest levels. Many of our music teachers are award-winning musicians and are part of national orchestras or Jazz groups. With collegiate educations as teachers and music majors, the music in both our Queens, NY location and Oakland, NJ location have the most refined techniques for learning and mastering their instruments. From fundamental practice tips to high energy personal lessons, Real Brave Audio has everything it takes to help you or your children take on an instrument.

Specialized instructors for every instrument

For every instrument, we have experienced and talented musicians who are prepared to pass down their knowledge to anyone who is seeking instruction. As it is important to learn from someone who truly understands the instrument, we have a full team of specially trained and dedicated music teachers. Whether you’re looking for a classical piano teacher or a rockin’ drum teacher, we have the experts you need for a smooth learning experience. If you’re looking to sign up for lessons in your area, we offer instruction in both Queens, NY, and Oakland, NJ. Below, you’ll find links to our instructors’ pages in their respective locations.

Find your music teacher in Queens, NY

Starting their music careers early in grade school, most of our teachers in Queens have been playing for decades. With professional and collegiate music experience, the teachers here provide lessons for vocals, piano, woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, and more. Get to know our instructors and navigate the link above to our Queens instructor page.

Find your music teachers in Oakland, NJ

In Oakland, we have many multitalented musicians who have spent years of training to master their instruments. We offer lessons for drums, woodwinds, piano, guitar, vocals, and much more! Click on the link above to read about our incredibly talented teachers.

To book a lesson with one of our esteemed music teachers, call (718) 454-0100 today!

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