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How We Became Brave...

How does one become Real... or Brave?

It starts with one person and his journey to become a Rock star

When Founder Daniel Power Jr. was 10 years old, he found an old dusty guitar in his uncles old bedroom. It seemed to beckon to him. He had grown up in a musical family; a grandmother that sang in the biggest stages and a mother that, when she wasn't working the night shift, took to the piano to ease the pain

Back then, opening an album cover and diving in to your favorite music was an escape. Something Daniel wanted. Along with inspiring people with his music. He had difficulty though throughout his musical journey to find a school that would take him or teachers that catered to how he learned.

Fast forward 15 years and he is a professional songwriter & musician out of pure grit and determination still on the prowl to inspire people with his music, he hit every wall you could imagine in an industry filled with walls.

Having exhausted every avenue, every path, every direction he stumbled upon teaching.

You see, he discovered that when you teach someone, you are passing someone the love of music. You both can escape & inspire.

He could pass down the dusty album covers, origin stories and culture of the music that made us who we are. That's what started happening. He turned his recording studio into a full time teaching studio. The name? Real Brave- because it takes courage to be yourself and perform.

From there he helped teach thousands of kids and adults how to perform, how to practice & how to be themselves. Real Brave started helping the community around him with their nonprofit arm After School Rocks helping formerly homeless children get access to music.

Most importantly, a kid from Queens along with his trusted staff that believe in the Real Brave message help people find their stage. Now with three locations and their software division with PracticePad will continue their mission because they are virtually everything you need to learn music.

Every music teacher at Real Brave has dedicated his or her life to both learning and playing music, as well as relating to you. With a burning passion for music most of our instructors have been pursuing music since grade school. For decades, the instructors have been committing their time and focus on mastering instruments, giving them the ability to play and teach music at the highest levels

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Meet Our Ever-Growing Band
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At Real Brave, we offer an incredible experience like no other place in music lessons for kids and adults by guiding them from the beginning stages of getting to know an instrument all the way through performing for family and friends on stage. Our instructors come from all over the world, bringing extensive experience on a wide range of instruments. We tailor our music lessons to the needs and skill level of each student, developing a personalized lesson plan based on your child's experience, tone, and learning style. Using PracticePad, you get a personalized progress map for each lesson with personalized videos, tutorials and assignments. This is the Real way to make music learning FUN and easy!
Music for the Underprivileged
Our Non profit arm After School Rocks helps formerly homeless children get access to critical arts programming for FREE