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Are you looking for an opportunity to place your child into a program that is enriching, educational, and enjoyable? If so, then consider music lessons at our music schools in Fresh Meadows, NY, and Oakland, NJ.
At Real Brave, our teachers are experienced in a wide variety of instruments and come from all over the world. When your child comes in for their first lesson, our friendly instructors will access their skillset, tone, and experience, and then create a personalized lesson plan to help them progress as musicians and artist.

We offer top-notch musical instruction for the following instruments:

The Gift of Music

At Real Brave, we have years of experience helping students realize their potential. During our one-on-one lessons, our instructors take their time to get to know their students so that they can identify how to best help your child succeed. Twice a year we also hold concerts so that your child can show off their progress to their friends and family as well! Regardless of whether your child has just picked up their first instrument or is looking to sharpen their skills, our dedicated instructors are always happy to assist!

Real Brave – Free Trial Lessons Available!

Our goal is to instill into your child an understanding, appreciation, and passion for music! Our instructors are always extremely patient and can often help students dramatically improve their proficiency with their instruments in as little as a handful of lessons. With consistent guidance, frequent encouragement, and a comfortable learning environment, your child is sure to fall in love with the instrument of his or her choice.

Contact us in Queens at (718) 454-0100 or Oakland at (201) 644-5800.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Practice Pad Software
  • Concerts Twice a Year
  • Family & Attendance Discounts