Piano Lessons in Queens, NY, and Oakland, NJ


Have you ever wanted to play a beautiful sonata, a Billy Joel song, a Coldplay song or even a ragtime tune? Here’s your chance. With private piano lessons, you too can make like Chopin and coax beautiful tunes from any variety of piano. Learn the mastery of scales and chords that will help you understand the intricate workings of the modern piano from expert music teachers. Whether you want to learn classical piano or electric keyboard, our capable instructors can help teach you how to bring beautiful music to life, on stage or at parties or simply as a hobby. With PracticePad™, your unique learning experience at Real Brave gets you closer to your goals.

Learn to play the piano with our Queens, NY, and Oakland, NJ, instructors

If you’re looking for a piano teacher who can help you through the difficult but rewarding process of piano practice and music theory, we’re here to help. Our knowledgeable instructors are here to assist you with all your keyboard lessons to thoroughly and accurately teach anyone how to play the piano.

We have many experienced piano instructors from all over the world who teach piano lessons for kids in Queens, NY, and Oakland, NJ. Each instructor tailors the piano lessons they provide to the needs and skill level of the student, personalizing teaching to help your child progress in their playing and have fun along the way. We also offer after-school piano lessons that fit your busy schedule so you can make time for music.

Our Queens, NY, piano instructors include:

  • Kathie Mai
  • Marc Seldin
  • Jonathan Archer
  • Sophie Price
  • Beth May Seldin
  • Stefano Di Lorenzo
  • Eddie Lyon
  • Inessa Banayan
  • Andrew Gyselings
  • Andrew Nesbitt
  • Kristen Cheung
  • Jordan Burgess
  • Kevin Isaza
  • Don Albert
  • Rebecca Pissalidis
  • Dylan DeFeo
  • Marius Dicpetris
  • Alejandra Solano

Visit our Queens, NY, instructors page to read their bios and learn more about their experience and teaching values.

Our Oakland, NJ, piano instructors include:

  • Amanda Hamilton
  • Amy Jisun Ahn
  • Lisa Bremer
  • Joey Hochgesang
  • Joe Rizzolo
  • James Sattler
  • Lindsey Wormald
  • Sofiya Vorobets
  • Kevin Bagar

Visit our Oakland, NJ, instructors page to read their bios and learn more about their musical education and teaching priorities.

Free trial piano lessons

We offer free trial piano lessons with our instructors. This allows you or your child to try out an instrument or see if an instructor’s teaching style jives well with your learning preferences. Our goal is to match all students with piano instructors that suit their skill level and style of learning.

Don’t turn down this opportunity to become a respected keyboard and piano player. Every round of private music instruction will help you learn to play the piano that much faster and teach you all the basics you need to unlock your inner musical potential.

Why not start today and begin the learning process that will familiarize you with the keyboard and piano? You don’t have to be an experienced musician or musical artist to appreciate the sounds and techniques of classical and electric piano. Your keyboard teacher will be glad to assist you in mastering the complex playing style of the electric keyboard and the simple, classical arrangements of the traditional piano. Start with us today to learn these marvelous instruments and expand your musical knowledge!

Call us today to set up a free trial lesson in Queens at (718) 454-0100 or Oakland at (201) 644-5800.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Practice Pad Software
  • Concerts Twice a Year
  • Family & Attendance Discounts